About Stachowski Farm

Stachowski Farm Inc. is a full-service facility located in Mantua, Ohio, San Marcos, California & Simpsonville, Kentucky.  

Our barns are the happy homes for many of the greatest Arabians and Saddlebreds in the country!

A Winning Tradition                                                                                                                                                                                                  

The winning tradition at Stachowski Farm is an important indicator of our drive to succeed, and our record speaks for itself—over 300 National Championships, over 250 Reserve National Championships, and over 1,500 Top Tens. However, it is integrity that makes champions, be it in the soundness of the horse or the safety of the rider. Most of all, Stachowski Farm wants you to have fun and love the time you spend being a member of our team.

Stachowski Farm Inc.—The Known Industry Leaders

 • Overseeing Operations, Consulting, and Employee Education
Our experience enables us to provide specific information and answer any questions on topics such as horse’s feed, shoeing, training, exercise scheduling, and general management. We also offer advice on breeding and marketing.

Marketing Stallions
There is not another farm in the country that has developed a marketing strategy as successful as Stachowski Farm. The marketing of our offspring has extended worldwide and has achieved international success.

• Breeding
Stachowski Farm has access to the best and most reputable breeding stallions and mares in the Arabian and Saddlebred horse industries. Through decades of evaluation, experience, and research, we have mastered what bloodlines should be utilized to create the perfect show horse. Stachowski Farm has bred numerous National Champions and has also helped many people with their breeding programs. We want to help create a better breed and are here to assist and educate people on all of their breeding decisions.

• Matching The Right Horse With The Right Rider
Stachowski Farm takes pride in being able to find the finest horses in the country, evaluate them, and make recommendations for their purchase. When a potentially outstanding horse arrives on the market, either Jim or Peter will be on a plane the next day to personally evaluate that horse. Our Youth and Amateur show program has become a main focus for the farm and strives to provide a fun and positive experience for our competitive riding team. Creating the optimal horse and rider combination is essential for success.

• Coaching On The Rail
Stachowski Farm has each horse and rider prepared to win when they enter the arena. However, if a minor adjustment is necessary, we always have qualified trainers, instructors, and staff strategically located throughout the show ring who are able to coach riders and ensure that they have their best possible ride. In a growing and changing industry, Jim and Peter make sure the farm is on the cutting edge of new opportunities and innovations. The last two years have been especially exciting with our always-evolving programs.

• Equitation
For the convenience of our clients, we are offering expert equitation programs at our farm. Whether you are an adult looking to improve your overall appearance on a horse or a youth looking to compete, we are offering the best equitation instructors in the country to prepare you for success and help you reach your goals.